A promise to you.

Keeping our word is crucial. What can we say—flakiness just isn’t in our DNA. That’s why when we promise you a consistently clean, high quality product, we mean it. And that unwavering guarantee comes from a genuine respect for the process and hyper-focused attention to the details.

At Dutch Valley Farms, we’re not just concerned with high THC levels. We’re focused on the complete synergy of all the compounds, terpenes and cannabinoids that make up the plant. That means you can count on an unparalleled cannabis experience. And you can take that to the bank, er… dispensary.

Our Mission

Our Grow

Our Why

Situated on seven acres of Oregon wilderness with breathtaking views of Mt. Hood, Dutch Valley Farms strives to produce craft cannabis using socially and environmentally responsible methods that honor the plant’s age-old tradition while recognizing its vast potential.

It’s from this pristine expanse of land that we strive to cultivate our cannabis with integrity, respect and a dedication to the purity of the plant.

Factory-farmed cannabis. That sounds… questionable (among other things). But as the industry expands, manufacturers are taking short cuts with the grow to help pad their bottom line.

Dutch Valley Farms isn’t down with that.

Whether it’s beer, wine or handmade furniture, Oregon has a long-standing tradition of honoring the craft behind the product. We’ve embraced that ethos with a commitment to growing craft cannabis using socially and environmentally responsible methods that respect the traditions of the land.

What does that mean, exactly?

We use natural products and sustainable farming practices to ensure our flower is free of toxins or chemicals for both the consumer and the environment.

We respect the environment by using OMRI listed fertilizers. We’ve also implemented an integrated pest management system along with beneficial fungus, microbes and natural predatory insects to deal with potential pests.

We capture all storm water runoff from the facility along with A/C and dehumidifier water. In fact, the capture is large enough to water the entire facility, bypassing the need to pull from the local watershed. We also capture our nutrient waste water and use it to fertilize our vegetable garden.

We give back by helping further research into cannabis as a viable medical alternative.

Does all of this make the process more challenging and time-consuming? Sure. But you can’t rush a good thing, and the proof is in the plant.

You’ll see.

“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” – Henry David Thoreau

All of us have a why. A deeply meaningful reason we do what we do. It gets us up in the morning. It fuels our passion. It motivates us to think smarter, push harder and persevere when the deck seems stacked against us.

At Dutch Valley Farms, our why speaks to the heart of who we are. And bringing our customers an unparalleled craft cannabis experience is only part of that story. Here’s the rest of that powerful narrative, straight from our leadership:

“What prompted me to stop daydreaming and start Dutch Valley Farms was my mother’s cancer diagnosis. Watching her go through such pain and suffering made me want to help her and provide her with some relief. On April 20, 2016, I quit my job with a large biotech company and formed Dutch Valley Farms to follow my dream of having a grow operation and helping my mom and others like her with the healing properties of cannabis. My mom may have lost her arduous battle with cancer, but her Dutch heritage and need to help others lives on at Dutch Valley Farms in Estacada, Oregon.”
Matthew O. Brecht, Ph.D., Sales Manager and Founder of Dutch Valley Farms

“In 2010, my family’s world was turned upside down. After many months of research and countless sleepless nights, the neurologist uttered the words we had been dreading: ‘Your son is on the autism spectrum.’ Autism. It’s such a scary word for parents who are unaware of what that diagnosis means. After many years of tireless research, we have realized that our son will have a future—a great one. But it means therapy, hard work and an enormous amount of patience will be the norm for the rest of our lives.

We began researching different tools that might be able to help us, and one of the things we found promise in was cannabis. At first, we didn’t understand the connection. But after many hours spent exploring the benefits of this wonderful plant, we’ve concluded (as many parents with children of disabilities can attest to) that more research HAS to be done to examine the full extent to which it can assist with different ailments and disabilities. This is the reason why we invested in Dutch Valley Farms and why I continue to devote countless hours to this cause.”
Anthony J. Palacio, COO and Owner of Dutch Valley Farms

The Team



Matthew O. Brecht, PH. D.

As a kid, Matt spent his childhood vacationing with his mother’s family in Holland, where he was introduced to Dutch greenhouse agriculture and the indoor growing of cannabis. But after 11 years growing the largest U.S. sales territory for biotech company Syngenta, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. That was the impetus he needed to launch Dutch Valley Farms, where he currently puts his Ph.D. in plant pathology to work helping people through the healing power of cannabis. If you’re an avid reader of the International Turfgrass Society (you are, right?), you’ve likely seen his byline in their hallowed pages.

Leadership Team

Dutch Valley Farms

Guiding Dutch Valley Farm’s vision is a group of accomplished attorneys, CPAs, doctors, executives, cultivators and Silicon Valley professionals whose mission lies in honoring the age-old tradition of cultivating cannabis with respect and integrity. Members of the DVF team can be found throughout the United States, leveraging technology to remain in constant communication and realize strategic goals at a rapid pace… unless it’s during the World Cup finals.

Our Strains

Get to know our flavors

Indica Hybrid

Diesel Kush

Flavor: You like lemon meringue pie, right? Of course you do. That’s Diesel Kush. Bright, zesty lemon. Creamy, fluffy meringue. You might even detect some diesel in there. It’s like spending a day baking pies in grandma’s kitchen. Only, grandma has a side gig fixing Ram trucks. Grandma always was a badass.

Experience: Long-lasting effects that help relieve pain, promote relaxation and keep stress levels in check.

Sativa Hybrid

Agent Orange

Flavor: Sexy orange. You’re probably wondering what exactly makes an orange taste sexy. First, you’ve got to cue up some D’Angelo. That’s a given. Then, layer that orange with a juicy, overripe peach. Finally, throw in a touch of sweet, spicy molasses. Our work is done here.

Experience: Uplifting. Agent Orange is here to give you a motivating pep talk when you’re feeling lethargic or down. It’s basically the Tony Robbins of strains.

Indica Hybrid

Burmese Kush

Flavor: If Christmas had a taste, it’d be the intoxicatingly verdant pine and deliciously sweet finish found in Burmese Kush. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And he’s probably enjoying a little BK with the Miss at this very moment.

Experience: Give it a sec and you’ll gradually feel its calm, mellowing effect set it. Once it’s arrived, it’ll usually stay awhile and pump the breaks on any racing thoughts.

Sativa Hybrid

Green C

Flavor: Ripe, juicy, unapologetically-dripping-down-your-chin mango—with all of the sweet and tangy pops of flavor this tropical fruit is known for. Oh, and the whole dripping down your chin thing? Don’t sweat it. It’s just a metaphor.

Experience: Invigorating. The ideal strain to perk you up during a mid-afternoon slump and help keep the mind focused and sharp as a tack. Energy drinks are so early aughts.

Indica Hybrid

Lemon Kush

Flavor: Like biting into a lemon while surrounded by the rich, earthy scent of a redwood forest at the peak of spring, it’s pungency mingling with the bright citrus. Which, yeah, is highly specific. Indulge us a bit.

Experience: Feeling… “sour?” (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.) Lemon Kush is as bright as its name—it uplifts and has a reputation for igniting a highly creative state.

Indica Hybrid


Flavor: Step aside, Jon Snow. The title of true King of the North belongs to Romulan. For winter is coming. In all of its crisp, cool, pine-filled and fruitcake-stuffed glory. Incidentally, that’s pretty much what this tastes like.

Experience: Deep relaxation and sedation. Tense muscles and overwrought nerves melt away under Romulan.

Indica Hybrid

Black Cherry Cheesecake

Flavor: We hold these truths to be self-evident: 1. New York cheesecake is the GOAT. 2. This indica-dominant hybrid is the next best thing. Think: sweet dark cherries nestled in a blanket of silken cream cheese. Seconds, anyone?

Experience: Mental clarity? Check. Physical tranquility? Check. Motivation to get up and at ‘em? Maybe look elsewhere.


Critical Dynamite

Flavor: The name is no misnomer. Explosively bright, Critical Dynamite comes to the table with the tart sweetness of a pint of blueberries and the honeyed tang of a ripe pineapple. Everyone knows those are the best parts of a fruit salad, anyway.

Experience: With an astonishing CBD to THC ratio, you should prepare yourself for an evening of deep, tranquil serenity. Night, night.

Sativa Hybrid


Flavor: The heavy, sweet and distinctly floral notes here are the stuff top shelf strains are made of. A blend of two famous sativas—Skunk #1 and Jack Herer—practically makes this reefer royalty. Oh, you fancy, huh? Yes. Yes, we are.

Experience: Step aside, Red Bull. This strain is known for its strong, energy-boosting properties and calm, clear-headed disposition.

Sativa Hybrid

Gorilla Glue #4

Flavor: The dank is strong with this one. Yep, this big, bad strain isn’t monkeying around. Potent with hints of diesel, Gorilla Glue is like King Kong—you can’t miss the f**ker. It’s simply too big to fail.

Experience: Let the sofa to swallow you whole and melt your body into a supreme state of restfulness.

Indica Hybrid

OG Kush #18

Flavor: Make way for the champ. This strain is a clear-cut crowd pleaser, with an unmistakable diesel flavor and sour undertones that captured the High Times Cannabis Cup in '09 and '10, as well as the Europe Champions Cup and Spannabis Indoor Hydro Cup in '10.

Experience: Take a look at your iCal. Then, clear a few hours. Because when it comes to this long-lasting, sedating and trance-like high, you’re going to need ‘em.


Chocolate Chunk

Flavor: Take a bite of a Mr. Goodbar. Now exhale. That rich, chocolate-y and nutty flavor you’re tasting? That’s this.

Experience: The potency of Chocolate Chunk’s THC is… high (no pun intended). Our advice? Sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel like taking a nap? No surprise—the feeling of sedation may get more intense as the high wears on. Point is, don’t plan on running a 5K after consuming this bud.

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