Our Values

A promise to you.

There’s something about nostalgia that makes us feel grounded. It’s the time we take to look back and reminisce that gives us the foundation to move forward with crystal clear direction and commitment. We are not a cultivator purely focused on innovation, we are refined craftsmen who achieve excellence by honoring the tradition of growers that came before us. Our harvest is the result of this dedication to perfection and will forever honor the originals.

Honoring Tradition

Cultivating cannabis with the utmost integrity.

Far away in the beautiful land of Amsterdam, a seed was planted. It was this seed, sown into the Earth, that breathed life into this tradition of cannabis that we honor in every Dutch Valley Farms harvest. We believe everything improves with time and when we founded our farm, we vowed to honor this age-old tradition of cultivating cannabis with the utmost respect and integrity.

Pledging Sustainability

Situated on seven acres of Oregon wilderness.

Dutch Valley Farms is situated on seven acres of Oregon wilderness with a breathtaking view of Mt. Hood. This view, the ground beneath our feet, the surrounding trees and ecosystem is all important to us and reinforces our commitment to sustainable farming. We water our plants with collected rainwater, nourishing them further with carefully selected organic products under eco-friendly LED lights. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure these values are central to our growing practices.

Innovating with Clarity

Decades of expert growing experience.

In our commitment to fully honoring the tradition of growing cannabis, we are also committing to making our own mark on the history of this plant. Our founder holds a PhD in plant pathology and our lead grower draws on decades of growing experience. Innovation and further refinement of our craft is a natural next step and it’s our loyal consumers who will be the ones to enjoy the result.

Enjoy the Harvest

It's meant to be enjoyed.

Cultivating cannabis is a careful craft that we’ve dedicated our lives to perfecting. We don’t believe in factory farming, we believe in tending to each plant as it was intended to be. It’s through this commitment that we’re able to achieve the level of quality expected by our loyal consumers. It’s hard work but it’s all worth it when you get to experience it for yourself. It’s meant to be enjoyed - May you honor the tradition and enjoy the harvest.

The Team


Head Grower

Jonathan Langston

As head grower of Dutch Valley Farms, Jonathan is in charge of cultivation, development of new strains, and ensuring that the grow facility meets environmentally responsible and clean-green certified standards. He brings over 17 years of experience to the role, including managing a 28,000-square-foot grow at a licensed Tier 3 I502 facility in Washington. Jonathan can also make you an expertly-crafted ceramic beer growler faster than you can say “fill ‘er up” … or something to that effect.

Founder and Sales Manager

Matthew O. Brecht, Ph. D.

As a kid, Matt spent his childhood vacationing with his mother’s family in Holland, where he was introduced to Dutch greenhouse agriculture and the indoor growing of cannabis. But after 11 years growing the largest U.S. sales territory for biotech company Syngenta, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. That was the impetus he needed to launch Dutch Valley Farms, where he currently puts his Ph.D. in plant pathology to work helping people through the healing power of cannabis. If you’re an avid reader of the International Turfgrass Society (you are, right?), you’ve likely seen his byline in their hallowed pages.

Leadership Team

Dutch Valley Farms

Guiding Dutch Valley Farm’s vision is a group of accomplished attorneys, CPAs, doctors, executives, cultivators and Silicon Valley professionals whose mission lies in honoring the age-old tradition of cultivating cannabis with respect and integrity. Members of the DVF team can be found throughout the United States, leveraging technology to remain in constant communication and realize strategic goals at a rapid pace… unless it’s during the World Cup finals.

Our Strains

Get to know our flavors

Indica Hybrid

Diesel Kush

Flavor: You like lemon meringue pie, right? Of course you do. That’s Diesel Kush. Bright, zesty lemon. Creamy, fluffy meringue. You might even detect some diesel in there. It’s like spending a day baking pies in grandma’s kitchen. Only, grandma has a side gig fixing Ram trucks. Grandma always was a badass.

Experience: Long-lasting effects that help relieve pain, promote relaxation and keep stress levels in check.

Sativa Hybrid

Agent Orange

Flavor: Sexy orange. You’re probably wondering what exactly makes an orange taste sexy. First, you’ve got to cue up some D’Angelo. That’s a given. Then, layer that orange with a juicy, overripe peach. Finally, throw in a touch of sweet, spicy molasses. Our work is done here.

Experience: Uplifting. Agent Orange is here to give you a motivating pep talk when you’re feeling lethargic or down. It’s basically the Tony Robbins of strains.

Indica Hybrid

Burmese Kush

Flavor: If Christmas had a taste, it’d be the intoxicatingly verdant pine and deliciously sweet finish found in Burmese Kush. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And he’s probably enjoying a little BK with the Miss at this very moment.

Experience: Give it a sec and you’ll gradually feel its calm, mellowing effect set it. Once it’s arrived, it’ll usually stay awhile and pump the breaks on any racing thoughts.

Sativa Hybrid

Green C

Flavor: Ripe, juicy, unapologetically-dripping-down-your-chin mango—with all of the sweet and tangy pops of flavor this tropical fruit is known for. Oh, and the whole dripping down your chin thing? Don’t sweat it. It’s just a metaphor.

Experience: Invigorating. The ideal strain to perk you up during a mid-afternoon slump and help keep the mind focused and sharp as a tack. Energy drinks are so early aughts.

Indica Hybrid

Lemon Kush

Flavor: Like biting into a lemon while surrounded by the rich, earthy scent of a redwood forest at the peak of spring, it’s pungency mingling with the bright citrus. Which, yeah, is highly specific. Indulge us a bit.

Experience: Feeling… “sour?” (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.) Lemon Kush is as bright as its name—it uplifts and has a reputation for igniting a highly creative state.

Indica Hybrid


Flavor: Step aside, Jon Snow. The title of true King of the North belongs to Romulan. For winter is coming. In all of its crisp, cool, pine-filled and fruitcake-stuffed glory. Incidentally, that’s pretty much what this tastes like.

Experience: Deep relaxation and sedation. Tense muscles and overwrought nerves melt away under Romulan.

Indica Hybrid

Black Cherry Cheesecake

Flavor: We hold these truths to be self-evident: 1. New York cheesecake is the GOAT. 2. This indica-dominant hybrid is the next best thing. Think: sweet dark cherries nestled in a blanket of silken cream cheese. Seconds, anyone?

Experience: Mental clarity? Check. Physical tranquility? Check. Motivation to get up and at ‘em? Maybe look elsewhere.


Critical Dynamite

Flavor: The name is no misnomer. Explosively bright, Critical Dynamite comes to the table with the tart sweetness of a pint of blueberries and the honeyed tang of a ripe pineapple. Everyone knows those are the best parts of a fruit salad, anyway.

Experience: With an astonishing CBD to THC ratio, you should prepare yourself for an evening of deep, tranquil serenity. Night, night.

Sativa Hybrid


Flavor: The heavy, sweet and distinctly floral notes here are the stuff top shelf strains are made of. A blend of two famous sativas—Skunk #1 and Jack Herer—practically makes this reefer royalty. Oh, you fancy, huh? Yes. Yes, we are.

Experience: Step aside, Red Bull. This strain is known for its strong, energy-boosting properties and calm, clear-headed disposition.

Sativa Hybrid

Gorilla Glue #4

Flavor: The dank is strong with this one. Yep, this big, bad strain isn’t monkeying around. Potent with hints of diesel, Gorilla Glue is like King Kong—you can’t miss the f**ker. It’s simply too big to fail.

Experience: Let the sofa to swallow you whole and melt your body into a supreme state of restfulness.

Indica Hybrid

OG Kush #18

Flavor: Make way for the champ. This strain is a clear-cut crowd pleaser, with an unmistakable diesel flavor and sour undertones that captured the High Times Cannabis Cup in '09 and '10, as well as the Europe Champions Cup and Spannabis Indoor Hydro Cup in '10.

Experience: Take a look at your iCal. Then, clear a few hours. Because when it comes to this long-lasting, sedating and trance-like high, you’re going to need ‘em.


Chocolate Chunk

Flavor: Take a bite of a Mr. Goodbar. Now exhale. That rich, chocolate-y and nutty flavor you’re tasting? That’s this.

Experience: The potency of Chocolate Chunk’s THC is… high (no pun intended). Our advice? Sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel like taking a nap? No surprise—the feeling of sedation may get more intense as the high wears on. Point is, don’t plan on running a 5K after consuming this bud.

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